Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is Debt The New Slavery?

At 9:00 PM EST this evening CNN will air Almighty Debt. "Fighting Debt From The Pulpit" A Black in America special documentary. The pastor featured akins debt to being worse than slavery. While there are certainly correlations between being a slave to debt and real slavery, one must never forget that one was voluntary and one was forced. Comparing the two is ridiculous and only serves to demean those who actually have suffered under true slavery. There is a huge difference, CNN. While debt can be debilatating to many, debt is due to personal choice regardless of your race or education level. It is disturbing to see people blame everyone but themselves for their predictiment. The American legal system has a tool known as bankruptcy that is designed to help those who got in over their head. America believes in second even third chances, too bad the media insists on wallowing in the negative. Wonder what their true agenda is? See the trailer here:

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