Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Recap

It's a rainy day here on the banks of the Hudson River overlooking Midtown. Some are saying up to 4 inches of the wet stuff is on the way. Being in the high 40's, it sure is better than another snow attack. It's raining on the US Dollar as well. We caught a very nice move higher from 1.3666, when longs were triggered for the first time since early January 2010. Holding longs at this time in the EUR/USD, expectating additional weakness in the USD due to a variety of fundmental and technical reasons. A convergence that triggered the longs shows no signs of abating. Made a little trading the DJIA but failed to catch any big waves. Currently flat the DJIA at this time. Flattened out the SIRI short with a small profit. I have a cool chat with short seller extraordinaire, Manny Assensio coming up soon for the weekend. Enjoy !!!


VIPER said...
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VIPER said...

Surfmiester, I hope you were able to get a little green out of your trade. Looks like we might be testing 3700. I would watch and see if we get an open and close above 3700 this week, if not, it might be best to reassess the trade.

The Ever Assessing VIPER